NeWave Technologies was founded in 2017 by group of outstanding young scientists from University of Silesia, Silesian Technical University and University du Maine in Le Mans.


Company was formed in order to implement latest achievements of nanotechnology, chemistry, material science and microelectronics into daily life and already existing technological processes.


Years of experience combined with analytic and engineering approach and passion for creating new and innovating technologies and products, that will not lay on the shelf but will find its own market. Our business is research and development. Our aim is the success.


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What do we work on

Graphene petal

Technology of synthesis of flaked graphene developed in our laboratory characterize itself with lack of contaminations and minimal crystalline lattice damage of graphene flakes. With perfect repeatability of properties  and quality of synthesized material.


Lack of contaminations, especially with elements from metallic group (such as cobalt or iron) allow for direct and stable application of our technology for doping of polymers and metallic alloys. Contrary to technologies based on CVD methods, our material is not affecting in uncontrollable way the final properties and quality of products.


Our material is perfect for application in production of modern, advanced and for most cheap new materials and devices.

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Biodegradable nanoparticle carriers

We supply advanced nanoparticale carriers, which exhibit unique porosity similar to that of the sea sponge. Our offered carriers are stable in neutral and strongly basic environment (pH range 6-14). As well as really strong stability in broad spectrum of temperatures (up to 450°C) and solvents (such as: water, acetone, glycol).


Thanks to method developed by our company it is possible to control both speed and moment of nanoparticle realise into solutions.

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What do we offer

Firma NeWave Technologies zajmuje sie przede wszystkim badaniami i rozwojem nowych technologii. Szeroki wachlarz specjalizacji i zaplecze naukowe pozwalaja nam na merytoryczne, eksperymentalne i wdrozeniowe prace nad interesujacymi nas pomyslami.

Dysponujemy zapleczem laboratoryjnym pozwalajacym na pelne prowadzenie zaawansowanych badan materialowych i efektywna implementacje wynalazkow.

NeWave Technologies jest wlascicielem patentu unikatowej technologii produkcji platkow grafenu – materialu bedacego jednym z najbardziej pozadanych obecnie surowcow do wytwarzania nowoczesnych materialow dla szerokiej gamy zastosowan – od tkanin, przez materialy budowlane az po mikroelektronike.


W oparciu o opatentowany proces rozwijamy i oferujemy:

  • nanokompozyty polimerowe (farby, zawiesiny, tusze, materialy budowlane),
  • stopy metali zelaznych i niezelaznych (dla zastosowan w transporcie ciepla i energii),
  • materialy slizgowe (suche smary),
  • grafen platkowy jako surowiec,
  • tlenek grafenu oraz zredukowany tlenek grafenu,
  • grafit i nanografit

Implementation and development research

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scientific consulting

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